Buried Secrets of the bible

Moonraker are proud to have completed another series for National Geographic working with production company Caravan Media.

Buried Secrets of the Bible, hosted by scientist and adventurer Albert Lin, uses cutting edge 21st Century technology to try to uncover the truth behind the ancient mysteries including the biblical stories of Moses and the parting of the Red Sea and also the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Moonraker were appointed to create a series style to bring to life the hidden evidence that exists today and also to craft visual effects sequences reconstructing the epic stories as they are told in the bible.

These included bespoke crowd simulations, photoreal reconstruction of ancient cities, a series lidar shader set up and a variety of Houdini techniques to realise flood simulations. Shots included meteor destruction, earthquakes, flooding and tsunamis. Moonraker also undertook dedicated photogrammetry shoots and solves to create the ancient landscapes.



Broadcaster: National Geographic
Production Company: Caravan Media
Series Producer: Matthew Thompson
Producer/Director: Nigel Walk
Line Producer: Candice Martin
Executive Producers: Dinah Lord, Matthew Barrett
VFX Lead Designer: Graham Stott
VFX 3D Lead: Tom Downes
VFX Producer: Emma Kolasinska