We were commissioned by Sarner International to produce stereo 3D sequences and visual effects for BBC Worldwide’s eagerly awaited Doctor Who Experience.


Client: Sarner, for BBC Worldwide

Director (Sarner): Michael Bennett

Producer (Sarner): Ed Cookson

VFX Creative Director: Simon Clarke

VFX Supervisor: Graham Stott

3D Supervisor: Jem Grimshaw

The immersive live event, which ran for a year in London’s Olympia Two venue and currently in Cardiff, Wales takes visitors on a journey through time and space, and includes encounters with some of the best-loved and scariest monsters from the hit international television series.

 We spent around three months on the project, creating several sequences including a thrilling crash landing on Planet Skaro and the breath-taking 3D Stereoscopic finale featuring the Time-Worm monster played out on a 12-metre screen.

 The goal was to achieve a seamless integration of animated elements with the set design, painted backdrops and the glass screens that would house the stunning graphics and VFX sequences. The objective was also to create, in the same way an illusionist would, an indistinguishable line between reality and make believe.