Eight Days That Made Rome

Eight Days That Made Rome is a new Channel 5 series presented by historian and broadcaster Bettany Hughes in which she selects eight pivotal days that defined the Roman Empire and its establishment as the world's first superpower. From Hannibal’s defeat at the battle of Zama to Spartacus’ breakout from gladiator school, stories from Ancient Rome continue to fascinate.

Moonraker worked with October to maximize the scope of the Drama including set extensions, crowd replication, CG city builds and matte painting.



Broadcaster: Channel 5
Production Company: October Films
Executive Producer: Adam Bullmore; Matt Robins; Blair Krempel; Mark Wood
Series producer Jim Greayer
Line Producer: Alexander Brunati
Directors Jim Greayer; Gareth Johnson; Sebastian Smith; Nigel Levy
VFX Creative Director: Graham Stott
VFX Executive Producer: Jon Grafton
VFX Producer: Emma Kolasinska