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A Perfect Planet

Groundbreaking VFX

Oceans, sunlight, weather and volcanoes – together these powerful yet fragile forces allow life to flourish in astonishing diversity. They make Earth truly unique – a perfect planet.” Sir David Attenborough.

This epic landmark 5 part series produced by Silverback Films for the BBC was 4 years in the making with filming taking place in 31 countries across 6 continents. Moonraker created groundbreaking VFX to accompany the incredible footage, utilising cutting edge technology and the latest scientific and geographical data.


The breadth of our work aligned with the ambition of the series to represent the fragile yet perfect balance of the planet we call home. From unprecedented low earth orbit views of volcanoes and remote coral atolls, to incredible depictions of hurricanes and ocean currents, Moonraker developed and produced spectacular images of earth that could not be captured in camera.

“My experience working with the Moonraker team on A Perfect Planet has certainly reinforced why they are so often the ‘go-to’ option for visual effects in Science and Natural History. The low earth orbit shots were incredibly cutting edge and everything they delivered sat seamlessly into the edits, perfectly complimenting the cinematic scale of the photography”.

Huw Cordey – Series Producer at Silverback Films

“With this project, we have been able to push the boundaries of the data available to us, using some of the most accurate images obtainable. By combining high-resolution elevation data with satellite imagery on the mapping space, we have been able to overlay both data sets to produce incredibly detailed shots.”

Tom Downes – Head of 3D at Moonraker

Key Credits

Broadcaster: BBC
Production Company: Silverback Films
Executive Producer: Alastair Fothergill
Series Producer: Huw Cordey
Directors: Huw Cordey, Nick Shoolingin-Jordan, Ed Charles
VFX Creative Directors: Simon Clarke, Graham Stott
VFX Producers: Jon Grafton, Scott Metcalfe
3D Supervisor: Tom Downes