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City in the Sky

Visual Effects

What does it take to get a million people and their luggage off the ground and up in the air? Presenters Dallas Campbell and Dr. Hannah Fry go to extremes to get under the skin of the remarkable story of commercial flight, in the BBC TWO series ‘City in the Sky’. You will never look at flying in the same light again…

Moonraker have made the impossible possible, to demonstrate the spectacle of flight that can not be captured in camera. Our team of artists combine real global data with detailed 3D models to help visualise the scale and intensity of global air traffic and the logistical operations to put over a million daily passengers in the air.

Fluid dynamic systems were created to simulate accurate airflow, helping to explain the process of lift on take off. Other sequences used the latest in HDRI projection mapping and image based lighting to create impressive photorealistic camera views, revealing a years worth of in-flight food production in a single live action shot.

High altitude aerial photography is transformed into 3D, providing vertigo inducing conceptual sequences that visualise the enormity of daily baggage handled at Dubai airport; we travel from our baggage trailer on the ground to a building tower that eclipses the height of the Burj Kalifa in a single camera move.

Our signature shot captures real data of planes taking off from Dubai International airport. The realism of these shots immerse the viewer into a previously unseen hidden world.

Key Credits

Broadcaster: BBC 2
Production Company: BBC Scotland
Executive Producer: Jane Aldous
Series Producer: Jobim Sampson
Produced And Directed By: Russell Leven, Matt Barrett
VFX Creative Director: Simon Clarke
VFX Producer: Jon Grafton