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Fort St.Elmo

Immersive VFX

We were commissioned to produce VFX and screen graphics for the recently refurbished galleries in the old St. Elmo Fort’s National War Museum, transforming the displays. To accompany the many artefacts, including guns and an aircraft, we created contemporary film material to make the history come alive.

Our set of vivid audio-visual displays play out on multiple projectors, reconstructing life in the fort at different periods in the island’s history. The main sequence in the film depicts the early morning raid that Malta suffered on the morning of 26th July 1941 as the E-boat unit of the Italian Regia Marina attacked the breakwater in a savage, but futile, attempt to gain access into the harbour.

Our 3D animation team recreated computer generated seas, explosions and gunfire, that played out on a three projector system on the inside wall of the underground Cavalier (an arched war room retreat in the fort). The film was carefully choreographed to integrate holographic style projections of actors that helped deliver the historical narrative whilst the action scenes played out.

Our motion graphics team also created the chronological events that merchant ship SS Ohio faced during Operation Pedestal, one of the fiercest and most heavily contested of the Malta Convoys, in August 1942. Visitors watch a satellite view perspective as the boat suffers repeated Torpedo and air strikes, yet still remarkably the vessel is able to complete its journey to deliver vital supplies to the people of Malta.

Key Credits

Production Company : Sarner
Executive Producer : Chris Lethbridge
VFX Creative Director : Simon Clarke
VFX Supervisor : Graham Stott