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The Secrets to Civilisation


The Secrets to Civilisation’ delves into the forces that cause civilisations to rise and fall. In each episode the interplay between peoples, landscape and climate are explored, unraveling the complex web of forces shaping the destiny of societies.

Moonraker employed an array of visual techniques and cutting-edge CGI to craft captivating cut-scenes as well as thrilling bird’s-eye views, transporting audiences to ancient cities and environments from the distant past.

The series focuses on three major transformative periods in world history: the collapse of Bronze Age civilisations from 1200 BC, the rise of classical civilisation during the 1st millennium BC and the events leading up to the end of the Roman Empire in 476 AD.

Moonraker worked in close collaboration with a team of expert advisors to ensure historical accuracy and Secrets to Civilisation benefits greatly from the recent explosion in data about our planet’s past, offering a fresh perspective on the ancient world.

Key Credits

Broadcaster: History Channel
Production Company: Impossible Factual
VFX Supervisor: Simon Clarke, Graham Stott
VFX Producers: Scott Metcalfe, Hannah Lewis