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X-Ray Earth

VFX , Graphic Design and Animation

Moonraker collaborated with Blink Films for the National Geographic series, X-Ray Earth. The three-part series looks deep inside the earth at the origins of volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis, and how their movements underground impact life on the earth’s crust.

The team at Moonraker used raw data from some of the world’s leading geologists to create 3D shots of tectonic plate movements, magma chambers, the earth’s mantle and the composition of material at the planet’s core.

Moonraker worked closely with Blink Films to create shots that were faithful to the original data and designed to work in an overall series style. The VFX studio used an innovative process that blended high-end simulation modelling with an X-Ray series look to bring scientific raw data to life and creatively conceptualise what’s happening beneath the earth’s crust.

Dan Gold, Executive Producer at Blink, commented, ‘The work Moonraker produced was terrific and it lifted the show into something really special. They all went the extra mile.”


Key Credits

Broadcaster: National Geographic
Production Company: Blink Films
Executive Producer: Dan Gold
Series Producer: Ian Hunt
VFX Creative Lead: Graham Stott
VFX Producers: Scott Metcalfe/Hannah Lewis