We were commissioned by Blink Films to create revelatory graphics and Visual effects for a documentary mini-series exploring the largest animals ever to exist on Earth.

Broadcaster: Channel 5

Production Company: Blink Films

Series Producer: Oliver Twinch

VFX Creative Director: Simon Clarke

VFX Supervisor: Graham Stott

Our team built a number of photorealistic creatures and stylised motion graphics depicting such beasts as a Dragon fly the size of a small child, a snake that could swallow a man whole, and a marine reptile with a bite twice as powerful as a T-Rex.

One of our biggest challenges was putting feathers on the Pelagornis, a bird with the wingspan of a fighter jet.  We used specialist software to achieve this and then analysed the motion of other soaring birds to help us understand the way in which these huge beasts flew. We worked with Blink Films to ensure a high level of scientific accuracy when modelling and rigging from scratch and we were fortunate to work with many academics and specialists as our interpretations of it evolved.

Our branding and design skills also played strength to the overall look of the film, including the design of the titles and break bumpers.

Director Oliver Twinch said : I can’t recommend Moonraker* highly enough. I was bowled over by what they created for us and I’d work with them again in an instant. On a tight turnaround, and with a demanding brief they delivered stunning VFX with wow factor. Their creative flair, and great communication meant that working with them was always a pleasure. Oliver Twinch, Series Producer Blink Films

*Previously Coffee and TV Bristol