The Life of Earth

Moonraker worked with Emmy and Bafta award winning production company Talesmith to produce thirty minutes worth of photoreal CGI for this ambitious two-hour feature documentary.

Life of Earth is a spectacular film that delves into the planet’s extraordinary 4.5 billion year history, as never seen before, from the unique vantage point of space.

Shots produced ranged from thermal imaging of the first humans crossing the Red Sea to Saudi Arabia, to views from the International Space Station, which have been transformed to show Earth as it would have been seen over a span of billions of years.

Moonraker used both Nuke and Fusion to blend elements created in Maya and Houdini to achieve a dramatic and distinctive editorial style to match the 4K live action footage.



Broadcaster: Smithsonian Channel
Production Company: Zee Entertainment
Executive Producer: Martin Williams
Series Producer: Ruth Roberts
Series Director: Luke Wiles
VFX Creative Director: Simon Clarke
VFX Creative Lead: Graham Stott
VFX Producers: Emma Kolasinska