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  1. Queens

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    Four years in the making and helmed by a female-led production team from around the world, this seven-part series leverages cutting-edge technology to reveal surprising insights into how females in the natural world rise to power, form matriarchies and protect their families.

    Moonraker crafted hyperlapse sequences for Queens, bringing the fascinating world of Leafcutter ants to life. We organised and sequenced thousands of images, transforming the ants’ frenetic leaf-trimming and carrying activity into dynamic and mesmerising scenes.

    Key Credits

    Broadcaster: National Geographic, Disney+ and Hulu
    Narrator: Angela Bassett
    Production Company: Wildstar Films
    VFX Supervisors:
    Carl Chittenden, Olly Hagar
    VFX Producers: Lucie Stepney and Ella Stewart

  2. Incredible Animal Journeys

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    Spanning seven continents and filmed over three years, Incredible Animal Journeys looks at a planet on the move, putting viewers right into the action of epic migrations that animals make across our planet in search of food, shelter and a mate.

    Moonraker produced series and episode titles, as well as creating stunning cut scenes visualising the migration patterns of animals as they travel across the globe.

    Key Credits

    Broadcaster: National Geographic, Disney+ and Hulu
    Narrator: Jeremy Renner
    Production Company: Plimsoll Productions
    VFX Supervisor: Olly Hagar
    VFX Producers: Ella Stewart, Alex Briggs
    Houdini FX: Senzo Studio


  3. Gladiators

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    Gladiators examines the killer secrets and ingenious tactics of nature’s toughest fighters, breaking down their battles moment by moment to reveal unseen bravery and amazing survival strategies.

    Using a range of VFX techniques, Moonraker produced super slow-motion graphic effects and animated freeze frames for the four-part series, drastically slowing down time to capture up close and rarely seen details.

    Key Credits

    Broadcaster: Love Nature, Sky Nature
    Directors: Amabel Adcock & Will Benson
    Production Manager: Jolene Filmer
    Executive Producers: Ruth Roberts & Martin Williams
    Narrator: Sean Bean
    Composer: Raphaelle Thibaut
    Moonraker Creative Direction: Graham Stott
    Motion Graphics Artists: Sam Gardner & Tim Hawkins

  4. The Secrets to Civilisation

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    The Secrets to Civilisation’ delves into the forces that cause civilisations to rise and fall. In each episode the interplay between peoples, landscape and climate are explored, unraveling the complex web of forces shaping the destiny of societies.

    Moonraker employed an array of visual techniques and cutting-edge CGI to craft captivating cut-scenes as well as thrilling bird’s-eye views, transporting audiences to ancient cities and environments from the distant past.

    The series focuses on three major transformative periods in world history: the collapse of Bronze Age civilisations from 1200 BC, the rise of classical civilisation during the 1st millennium BC and the events leading up to the end of the Roman Empire in 476 AD.

    Moonraker worked in close collaboration with a team of expert advisors to ensure historical accuracy and Secrets to Civilisation benefits greatly from the recent explosion in data about our planet’s past, offering a fresh perspective on the ancient world.

    Key Credits

    Broadcaster: History Channel
    Production Company: Impossible Factual
    VFX Supervisor: Simon Clarke, Graham Stott
    VFX Producers: Scott Metcalfe, Hannah Lewis

  5. Planet Earth III

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    Moonraker were honoured to work on Planet Earth III, a living global brand with an established visual identity over 15 years, it was a privilege to be entrusted again with evolving the narrative for the next step of the journey.


    It was important for us to acknowledge and celebrate the visual grammar of the previous two Planet Earth title sequences, while introducing a small but significant evolution. Planet Earth III introduces our human footprint into the iconic end resolve for the first time. 

    There have been many advances in Moonraker’s Earth imaging capabilities since we worked on Planet Earth II  back in 2016. We are constantly developing our imaging data in order to maintain unparalleled levels of detail. This enabled us to reveal and present our planet with a hugely significant uplift from the previous series.

    Watch on BBC One or iPlayer, new episodes available every Sunday.

    Key credits

    Presented by David Attenborough
    Broadcaster: BBC
    BBC Series Producers: Matt Brandon, Jonny Keeling
    BBC Executive Producer: Michael Gunton
    BBC Line Producer: Bronwen Thomas
    Creative Director for Moonraker: Graham Stott
    Technical Director for Moonraker:
    Tom Downes
    Graham Stott, Alex Dilworth
    John Clayton, Ryan McGrath
    Digital Matte Paint:
    Marek Solowiej
    VFX Producer: 
    Scott Metcalfe
    VFX Line Producer: 
    Rosanna Thorn–Lees

  6. Chimp Empire

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    Moonraker created the graphic design and VFX content for this four part documentary series directed by Oscar winning director James Reed for Keo Films. It follows the fortunes of Chimpanzees in Ngogo, Uganda as they navigate complex social politics, family dynamics and dangerous territory disputes.

    Moonraker worked closely with James to develop an elegant approach to captioning that would aid the storytelling within the films. Some rarely seen behaviour was captured on location, via mobile phone.  This was processed through our VFX pipeline, enabling it to sit well alongside the bespoke footage shot with high resolution equipment.

    Key Credits

    Broadcaster: Netflix
    Production Company: Keo Films
    Director: James Reed
    Series Producer: Calum Webster
    Moonraker Creative Directon: Alex Dilworth
    Motion Graphics Artist: Matt Denne
    VFX: Olly Hagar, Łukasz Grzelak, John Clayton
    Production: Lucie Stepney, Alex Briggs

  7. A Year on Planet Earth

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    It was a pleasure to have worked on this series for ITV and ITVX, for which we created all of the captions and titles.

    With a story arc that focuses on how our annual journey around the sun impacts nearly all life on our planet and filmed across 60 different locations globally, A Year on Planet Earth centres around the four seasons and all of the environmental pressures that shape the lives of its many inhabitants.

    Key credits

    Broadcaster: ITV
    Executive Producers: Martha Holmes, Tom Hugh-Jones, Grant Mansfield
    Series Producer: Sebastian Illis
    Production Company: Plimsoll Productions
    Moonraker Creative Direction: Alex Dilworth
    Motion Graphics Design: Matt Denne, Sam Gardner
    Moonraker Production: Scott Metcalfe, Lucie Stepney, Alex Briggs

  8. Prehistoric Planet

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    Moonraker were privileged to work on the award winning Prehistoric Planet for Apple tv+.

    We created the main title for season 1 + 2 as well as all the motion graphic sequences for Prehistoric Planet: Uncovered.
    Check it out now on Apple tv+ and Youtube.

    Key credits

    Broadcaster: ITV
    Executive Producers: Martha Holmes, Tom Hugh-Jones, Grant Mansfield
    Series Producer: Sebastian Illis
    Production Company: Plimsoll Productions
    Moonraker Creative Direction: Alex Dilworth
    Motion Graphics Design: Matt Denne, Sam Gardner
    Moonraker Production: Scott Metcalfe, Lucie Stepney, Alex Briggs

  9. Earth

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    Moonraker produced over 100 minutes of science-led visual effects for the BBC’s five-part natural history series, Earth.

    Called a “biography of our planet” by presenter Chris Packham, it tells Earth’s four and a half billion-year history.

    “With Earth we wanted to push the boundaries of what was possible with VFX sequences featuring some of the planet’s most dramatic moments. The ambition was high and Moonraker have been a brilliant partner in helping us realise it. The team brought amazing flair and attention to detail to every shot, resulting in some breathtaking moments of visual drama.”

    – Rob Liddell, Executive Producer, BBC Studios.

    Over nearly two years 30 VFX artists worked with the guidance of 200 scientists to visualise ancient flora and fauna that has never been imagined in 3D before, producing 13,600 individual graphic elements and 360 shots of photoreal CGI — around 30% of the final footage.

    Key Credits

    Broadcaster: BBC
    Presenter: Chris Packham
    Creative Director for Moonraker:
    Simon Clarke
    VFX Supervisor: Graham Stott
    VFX Producer: Scott Metcalfe
    VFX Line Producer: Rosanna Thorn-Lees
    Compositors: Ryan McGrath, John Clayton, Phil Wray, Daniel Hammonds, Łukasz Grzelak, Meghan Spetch
    3d Artists: Ryan Harrington, Adam Robinson, Callum Wain, Noel Mulvaney, Alex Parkin, Alex Rumsey, Katrin Geilhausen
    3d Fx: Daniel Radford
    Titles: Alex Dilworth, Ryan McGrath
    Storyboard: Elizabeth Schuh
    Concept Art And DMP: Marek Solowiej
    Previs: Becs Rose
    Executive Producers: Andrew Cohen, Rob Liddell
    VFX Producer for BBC: Tom Welch
    Directors: Tom Hewitson, Ben Wilson, James Tovell, Duncan Singh, David Briggs

  10. Kangaroo Valley

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    Moonraker worked with motion capture footage filmed under UV lights to build a previously unseen view of a canyon in the Grampians National Park. The result is stunning footage of bioluminescent plants and foliage revealing what the animals in this environment see at night. The results are both ethereal and beautiful.

    This one-off film for Netflix is a visually striking document of Australia’s biodiversity and tells the story of Mala, a newborn eastern grey joey as she tries to survive her first year on the planet. From its misty peaks to its petrified forests the landscape in the film is incredibly cinematic. And when night falls, something very magical happens…

    Key Credits

    Broadcaster: Netflix
    Production Company: Ample Entertainment
    Exec. Producer: Phil Lott and Ari Mark
    Director: Kyle Stott
    VFX Production: Alex Briggs and Ella Stewart
    VFX Supervisor: Olly Hagar