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  1. Kangaroo Valley

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    Moonraker worked with motion capture footage filmed under UV lights to build a previously unseen view of a canyon in the Grampians National Park. The result is stunning footage of bioluminescent plants and foliage revealing what the animals in this environment see at night. The results are both ethereal and beautiful.

    This one-off film for Netflix is a visually striking document of Australia’s biodiversity and tells the story of Mala, a newborn eastern grey joey as she tries to survive her first year on the planet. From its misty peaks to its petrified forests the landscape in the film is incredibly cinematic. And when night falls, something very magical happens…

    Key Credits

    Broadcaster: Netflix
    Production Company: Ample Entertainment
    Exec. Producer: Phil Lott and Ari Mark
    Director: Kyle Stott
    VFX Production: Alex Briggs and Ella Stewart
    VFX Supervisor: Olly Hagar

  2. History 101 Season 2

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    Back again for season two!
    Bite-sized history lessons on scientific breakthroughs, social movements and world-changing discoveries.
    Moonraker brought over an hour of animated infographic playtime to this 10 part series for Netflix.

    GPS, Mp3, Credit Cards, Psychedelics, Bottled Water, Dating Apps, Lasers, Home Workouts, IVF and High Fructose Corn Syrup.

    Key Credits

    Broadcaster: Netflix
    Production Company: ITN Productions
    Director: Simon George
    Production: Kate Hampson, Gabriella James
    GFX Production: Alex Briggs, Scott Metcalfe
    Art Direction: Alex Dilworth
    Animation: Matt Denne, Stephen Minty, Laurie Gibbs, David Whittle, Alex Dilworth

  3. Unknown Waters

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    World-renowned angler and adventurer, Jeremy Wade, embarks on a spectacular journey above and below the surface in search of some of the world’s most elusive fish.

    Moonraker created the series graphics package which encompassed the mapping of Jeremy’s journey’s, titles and bringing his illustrated notebook to life.

    Icelandic Giants / African Lake Giants / Amazon River Giants

    Key Credits

    Broadcaster: National Geographic
    Production company: Icon Films
    Producers: Lannah McAdam, Eoin O’Shea
    GFX Production: Scott Metcalfe
    Art Direction: Alex Dilworth

  4. Killers of the Cosmos

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    Aidan Gillen is Gumshoe, a Private Investigator examining dangerous phenomena on planet Earth. Moreover, he tracks an array of existential threats to humankind across this 6 part series for Discovery.

    An aesthetic based on comic book crime noir, our work appeared in sequences throughout every episode, weaving in a dramatised narrative that helped a new generation to engage with real science.

    Moonraker created over an hour of animated content across the series.  Our pipeline involved blending a variety of disciplines – including live action rushes, illustration, procedural treatments and CGI.

    Key Credits

    Broadcaster: Discovery
    Production Company: Wall to Wall
    Exec. Producer: Tim Lambert, Nigel Paterson
    Director: Ben Scott
    Gumshoe: Aidan Gillen
    VFX Production: Hannah Lewis
    Creative Lead: Graham Stott
    VFX Supervisor: Olly Hagar

  5. Frozen Planet II

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    Life in the extreme.  In a fragile world of beauty and hostility, nature finds a way to survive and thrive. Sir David Attenborough explores a planet on the brink of major change.

    Moonraker used the latest techniques for manipulating satellite data, to help tell the stories from our polar regions across this 6 part series for primetime BBC One.

    We worked closely with BBC Research and Production, testing multiple categories of satellite data that had the potential to offer new visual insight. From exploring SAR radar data to use of specially commissioned satellite images for realising timelapse.  One shot alone utilised data from five different satellite sources.

    This close collaboration was key to the success of our work for Frozen Planet II.  It allowed us to bring our expertise in satellite imagery to create authentic and accurate visual effects, based on real science.

    Key Credits

    Broadcaster: BBC One
    Production Company: BBC NHU
    Series Producer: Elizabeth White
    VFX Producer: Emma Kolasinska
    Creative Lead: Graham Stott
    Technical Director: Tom Downes
    VFX Supervisor: Olly Hagar
    Original Music: Hans Zimmer · Adam Lukas · James Everingham

  6. One Cup: A Thousand Stories

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    A documentary series that showcases the history of this unassuming drink, and how it has shaped the lives of people all around the world for centuries.

    Moonraker created VFX and motion graphic design across the whole series, including for the series title sequence and ‘legend’ short films that appear in the body of the programme.

    6 x 50 min episodes for Migu/BBC Asia.


    Legend Shorts

    Key Credits

    Broadcaster: Migu / BBC Asia
    Production Company: BBC Studios
    Executive Producer: Matthew Springford, Annabel Hobley
    VFX Production: Scott Metcalfe
    Creative Direction: Alex Dilworth

  7. The Green Planet

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    ‘Dive into a world where a single life can last a thousand years, with David Attenborough. See things no eye has ever seen, and discover the dramatic, beautiful plant life of Earth.’- BBC

    Moonraker were delighted to once again with the BBC NHU on The Green Planet.

    We provided a range of creative solutions, including traditional clean up, hyperlapse sequences, enhancing electron microscope imagery and an iconic title sequence.

    Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, see the strange and wonderful world of plants like never before.

    5 x 60 mins for BBC One

    A landmark Natural History series, The Green Planet is an immersive portrayal of an unseen, inter-connected world, full of remarkable new behaviour, emotional stories and surprising heroes in the plant world.

    Watch it now on iPlayer

    Key Credits

    Broadcaster: BBC
    Production Company: BBC NHU
    Series Producer: Rupert Barrington
    VFX Production: Emma Kolasinska
    Creative Lead: Simon Clarke
    VFX Supervisor: Olly Hagar
    Head of 3D: Tom Downes
    Titles Art Direction: Alex Dilworth

  8. Monkeys: An Amazing Animal Family

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    VVFXAfter the success of SKY ONE’s Cats: An Amazing Animal Family, we were commissioned by Bristol based Offspring Films to create an iconic family tree that would house all the primate species of the world in a single scene to help tell the story of Primate evolution through a sequence of shots for a SKY ONE family audience.

    Delivered in UHD and filmed across 3-continents, footage was carefully selected that would allow us to extract the primates from their original environment. These were then scaled and repositioned and integrated fully with our CG tree that was created using specialist software. This provided the flexibility to grow and animate the the tree in an organic way from sapling to fully grown.  Wind movement was also applied to the branches and the leaves for realism and optical effects applied to emulate lens characteristics.

    Detailed texturing was captured with hi resolution HDRI photography and mapped to the model for added photorealism and to provide a complimentary style to the live action. The tree model had to be sufficiently detailed to allow ‘hero’ tracking shots of primates on single branches.

    Environments were crafted with photogrammetry and detailed modelling, all the vegetation had to be created as CG models but based on real references.

    Key Credits

    Broadcaster: Sky One
    Production Company: Offspring Films
    Executive Producer: Alex Willamson
    Series Producer: Sam Hodgson
    VFX Creative Director: Simon Clarke
    VFX Supervisor: Graham Stott
    3D Supervisor: Jem Grimshaw
    VFX Producer: Jon Grafton

  9. Earth From Space

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    Earth from Space is a landmark BBC One four-part series that sets out to provide new insights into our planet by expanding the range of perspectives we can view it from. This has been achieved by capturing imagery from satellites in different orbits as well as shooting via more conventional vantage points: from helicopters, drones and on the ground.

    Moonraker VFX were commissioned by BBC Studios to maximise the impact of the pioneering footage being captured for the series. The team worked with satellite image providers to capture stunning new images of the Earth.

    The satellites act as a camera within the series narrative that provides a unique and ground-breaking view of life on earth. A pioneering part of the production process was shooting an event by drone or on the ground, while the same event is being captured simultaneously in real time from space.

    In addition, Moonraker worked with the BBC to replay lapsed time satellite footage in the clearest way possible to achieve the greatest impact.

    Graham Stott, Creative Lead explains: “One of the greatest challenges we faced on Earth From Space was executing the drone to Earth orbit pullout shots. Technically it’s a question of precise alignment of tracked drone footage and ground survey, multiple satellite image captures and our Earth asset. Furthermore, it takes a huge amount of accuracy and control to send a camera smoothly down from orbit, to a drone shot only a few metres above the Earth.”

    “Fortunately we had a great collaborative relationship with the Earth From Space team in the pre-shoot phase allowing us to plan the drone flights well in advance. This ensured we had superb material with which to execute the shots to an unprecedented standard.”

    Jon Grafton, Managing Director says: “Earth From Space has been a joy to work on. The footage being captured by the producers is breathtaking and the seamless transitions we’re creating from one camera to another are producing shots that have never been seen before”

    Simon Clarke, Creative Director adds: “We are delighted to be working with the BBC again at the cutting edge of film making and camera technology to deliver new arresting views of our planet. As satellite and aerial capturing techniques have evolved, so has our approach to the integration of this into our pipeline, the detail of the imagery we are creating now is mind blowing”.

    Key Credits

    Broadcaster: BBC
    Production Company: BBC NHU
    Executive Producer: Jo Shinner
    Series Producer: Chloe Sarosh
    Series Director: Barny Revill
    VFX Creative Director: Simon Clarke
    VFX Creative Lead: Graham Stott
    VFX Producers: Jon Grafton And Scott Metcalfe

  10. Ancient Apocalypse

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    Moonraker created the titles, graphic and VFX sequences across this 8 part series for Netflix,
    bringing these ancient sites and myths to a new audience.

    Journalist Graham Hancock visits archaeological sites around the world looking for
    evidence of a lost civilization dating back to the last Ice Age.

    Key Credits

    Broadcaster: Netflix
    Production Company: ITN Productions
    Executive Producer: Bruce Kennedy
    Director: Marc Tiley
    VFX Production: Hannah Lewis, Rosanna Thorn-Lees
    VFX Supervisor: Olly Hagar
    Illustration: Emily Grace